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Things to Avoid

Here's an overview of the most common mistakes that new drop-shippers make:
  • Pricing products without taking into account the fees involved through Paypal and eBay is the number one reason new drop-shippers fail.  I lost money on my first two sales because I forgot to add in the fees.  It is an easy mistake to make since you don't have to pay the fees up front.  If you follow my pricing model you will always avoid this problem and will make a profit on every sale.
  • Don't price your products too high.  It may be tempting to list that flat screen tv for $200 profit but you are much more likely to sell it for $20 profit.  As I said, don't overlook the small profit products!  If you sell 100 items for $2 profit, you made $200 and the lower the price the more likely the sale.
  • Don't overlook the value of listing items in multiples.  For example, it is useless to sell one pack of film due to the high shipping cost.  Add it to your cart.  Then change the quantity to 5 and update your cart.  The shipping price does not go up that much.  Now you can list 5 packs of film and offer a great price while still making a profit.
  • Keep up with your inventory to make sure you end items if they go out of stock through Doba.  Use your watch list to keep track of the items you are selling.  Check it every day to make sure your products are still in stock.  If something goes out of stock you want to end the item immeadiately through eBay.  If you stick to choosing itmes with 25 or more in stock as we already discussed, then maintaining your inventory will be a breeze.
  • If you don't understand something or have questions contact customer support.  They are there to help!  There are also many great resources you can access through eBay and Doba for tips and tricks.  Take advantage of them!

That's all folks!  Good luck and happy drop-shipping!  Don't forget about the Advanced Tools page when you are ready to expand.

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