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Product Pricing

You've selected your products and added them to a push request.  Now it is time to adjust your individual item pricing and other information.

Formula for setting a profitable price:
Wholesale cost + Shipping Fee + Drop-ship Fee + Profit you desire to make = Preliminary price
Preliminary price + 15% = Sale price
It is necessary to add at least 15% to your preliminary price to cover your Paypal fee for payment received and you eBay listing fees and final value fees.  You can spend the time to calculate exactly the fees that will be associated with the sale of your item if you have the motivation and then you can adjust the 15% that you add to your preliminary price accordingly. 
Once you have decided on a total sale price you need to decide how to break it up.  For example, if your total sale price is going to be $50 you can list the item for $35 with $15 shipping.  Use your common sense when deciding how to proceed.  Lower item prices are attractive to buyers but outrageous shipping costs will kill your sales.  Again, search for similar items on eBay to see how other sellers are pricing their items and shipping.
As you are setting your pricing through your push request you should also take the time to optimize your listing title.  A good title states clearly and concisely what the item is, what condition it is in and if you can squeeze it in it is a huge bonus to add the MSRP to the title--especially on items that you can offer a substantial discount. 
 For example:
  • Nikon d70 Digital Camera w/ extras! NEW! MSRP-$1800
  • 200 Rolls Kodak 400 Film. FREE shipping! 50% off retail!
  • Lot of 5 belt buckles-Many choices-Retail $85

Beyond pricing and title do not concern yourself too much with the rest of the product information.  Don't bother tweaking your description now as it will be much simpler to revise your items through eBay once the products have been added to your eBay account.

Once you have set your pricing and titles you are ready to push your products to eBay.  Congratulations!  Your business is up and running! In the next section we will look at how to optimize your listings to get the most traffic and highest chances at closing the sale.

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